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We Make Your Move to the United States as Stress-Free as Possible

Understanding your responsibilities, documentation requirements and what to expect at Canada/U.S. Customs is the key to a successful move, avoiding unnecessary delays and/or having your shipment being held up at the border. Your Duncan Moving Consultant will provide you with all of the necessary Customs forms and guide you to complete them – after all, we have the considerable resources of United Van Lines and Parker Relocation Group at our fingertips! Please take extra care to ensure that passports, birth certificates, photo ID and social insurance/security numbers for each family member crossing the border are up-to-date.

Did you know that when you move from Canada to the U.S. it is not necessary for you to be present when your goods cross the border? You must, however, enter the U.S. and declare your residency before your shipment can cross the U.S. border. Both countries have specific regulations regarding the items you can or can’t import and a list of items that are prohibited.

For more information, contact your Duncan Moving Consultant. Additional information can also be found at these websites:

With Our Global Reach and Personal Service, We Can Move You Anywhere in the World

Careful planning is vital when moving overseas. In fact, it can make all the difference in the world. That’s why tens of thousands of families entrust their overseas moves to MoverOne International, the international division of United Van Lines, the experts in global moving and transportation services. With more than 1,200 representatives, our global network is found in all of the world’s major centres.

In addition to offering full-service overseas packing and delivery services, container services and air freight, we can also deliver a comprehensive array of fee-based relocation services to complement your move, including information about your destination, cross-cultural and language training, visa processing, school search, housing assistance and other settling-in services.

Depending on Your Situation, Containers May Be the Solution for You – Providing Fast, Safe and Secure Moving and Storage Solutions

If you are making a move of 700 miles (1126 kilometers) or more within Canada, you will have the choice of shipping your household goods by van or by container service. Moving by container offers a number of unique benefits, including flexible delivery options (either expedited or delayed delivery) that allow you to choose the delivery date that best suits your needs. Picture a container as an individual box for your household goods.

If you choose to move by container, an Exclusive Use Option is available that guarantees that your contents will be kept separate from other shipments in your own personal, container. Containers are also an excellent and affordable short-term storage solution (up to 90 days) if you are unable to move into your new home right away. Since your shipment is stored in the container it was initially loaded in, your belongings do not have to be unloaded into a warehouse and then re-loaded onto a van. This means there is less handling, which decreases the chance of accidental damage to your contents. There are three container sizes available: 8’, 9’ and 12’.

Proper Packing Is Vital to Ensuring the Success of Your Move

The fragile crystal you inherited from your grandmother. Your child’s first finger paintings. The delicate hand-woven rug you purchased on your first trip out of the country together. We understand that we’re not just packing stuff. We’re packing your life and precious memories. That’s why you should make the smart choice and choose Duncan Moving & Storage, member of United Van Lines and Parker Relocation Group. Let us handle this chore for you and you can sit back and relax, secure in the knowledge that qualified professionals are taking care of your valuables for you.

Our packing crews use professional packing materials to protect your valuables, including specialized cartons, recyclable Kraft paper, bubble wrap, micro foam, plastic wrap, and reusable quilted moving pads. Fragile items such as stained glass windows, artwork, marble and glass tabletops, and chandeliers may require the special care and attention that can only be provided by custom wood crating. Each crate we use is constructed by our crews to the exact specifications required to protect your delicate valuables.

If by Chance Something Happens to Your Goods, Rest Assured that They Are Protected

Protecting your belongings during your move is one of our top priorities. However, we are human. Occasionally, accidents do happen. That’s why we offer protection for your goods, should anything unexpected happen. That’s also why we offer on-going training courses to ensure that all of our staff have mastered the proper procedures for packing, wrapping, loading, unloading, and packing. To ensure your household goods are protected, you will be offered three different valuation options to choose from:

Option One

Released Rate Liability
Basic coverage provided at no extra charge

Option Two

Replacement Value Protection
Enhanced protection for your belongings

Option Three

Items of Extraordinary Value
Items of extraordinary value must be confirmed by written appraisal

For complete valuation information, contact us or talk to your Duncan Moving Consultant. S/he has all the resources of United Van Lines and Parker Relocation Group behind her (or him).

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